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Xeno Fastpitch Bats

2013 Xeno Fastpitch bats

The 2013 Louisville Slugger Xeno fastpitch bat is epic. Last years Xenon was nearly impossible to get due to overwhelming demand and the 2013 model is another classic. Available is swing weights -8,-9, and -10, the Xeno fastpitch has a perfect weight for any player.  Like the ultra-popular 2012 Xeno, the 2013 Xeno is a two-piece composite bat built with Louisville’s industry leading L2-2x composite blend. The Xeno fastpitch bat has an extremely stiff and balanced feel and offers amazing bat control for turning on inside pitches or going late with an outside pitch. The super live barrel has thin explosive walls that flex to maximum legal limits. An inner governor exists in Xenos barrel to make sure the bat complies with all league standards. The Xeno comes strapped with an extra stiff handle that works perfectly with its flexible barrel. The 7/8 inch handle is seamlessly connected the 2 ¼ inch barrel with Louisville’s iST technology. This tight seamless connection gives the Xeno awesome coil and release power during the swing. If you read anything about the 2012 Xeno you will know how much players all over loved its crazy pop and controllability and the new 2013 Xeno might just top its younger sibling in popularity.

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